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Everything you need to know about Ketogenic diets

This recent trending form of food did not appear yesterday or today in the gym. It has existed for over a hundred years employed by medical professionals in medicine to treat drug-resistant epilepsy occurring in children mainly.

What is a ketogenic diet?

In a regular diet, the body uses the energy released in blood sugars from carbohydrates. But in ketogenic diets, fat is broken down to ketones during the ketosis process. Once ketosis occurs in the body, the energy needed will be utilized from the ketones until carbohydrates are consumed again.

ketogenic diet

The shift of energy consumption from glucose to the breaking down of stored fat will take 2-4 days by consuming minimal amounts of carbohydrates. A standard American diet consists of 50% of carbs. In keto diets, carbohydrates are replaced with more emphasis on meats, proteins, nuts, and fiber-rich vegetables.

Is it healthy?

Sustaining the initial transition would tend to be difficult. Few cases of sleeping problems, nausea, vomiting, and constipation, can arise during the development. Despite these, ketogenic diets are number one as compared to other traditional fat reduction diets as its foundation revolves around the consumption of very minimal amounts of carbohydrates.

Research studies have shown that keto diets have increased levels of blood sugar in type two diabetes patients and the initial increase in cholesterol amounts due to the increased consumption of red meats only to be reduced and cut down after few months through active and continuous,  coordinated regimes of exercise.

Key takeaways from the ketogenic diet

Ketogenic diets do seem to be an attractive alternative form of weight reduction diets. But maybe quite tricky pursue over a period due to its heavy emphasis on red meats, processed fatty and salty foods which are undesirable to a healthy life. It is hard to officially establish its long-term effects as it is scarce individuals continue this diet for a long time after it is commenced. A period of few weeks to a maximum of few months is followed in such diets. Not long enough to pass official judgments on the diet.

It is generally advisable not to follow such hype and trending diets without knowing their long-term effects. Yes, it does lead to rapid results, but at what cost? It’s better to be safe than sorry. Follow traditional unbalanced diets which include a wide array of rich, colorful fruits, vegetables, proteins, nuts, olive oil and ample amount of hydration for long natural, sustainable diets that yield results for a much better vibrant and healthier life.

Is Cloud Storage Secure?

Cloud is a new digital age form of data storage. Data is stored online which can be accessed from multiple connected resources. With the growing concern for more and more organizations, agencies and schools uploading their confidential and vital information, the question of data security is being questioned. Any and every kind of data uploaded to Cloud is first encrypted preventing intruders and hackers from gaining access to it. The accesses to such encrypted files vary on the services provided by Cloud.

Who processes the keys?

The user’s data uploaded on commercial cloud storage is mandatorily encrypted which can only be unlocked with a specific encryption key. This key can either be kept with the service provider or with the user. This technology helps process data user and indexing for future references.

Cloud computing

This key can be granted to the service when the user logs in with his specific password. Though this service is a rather convenient method, it is quite unsafe because the keys are not with us and if any intruder gains access to it, we will not know or be aware.

Allowing user’s to be in control

Infamous cloud storage services like SpiderOak and Mega require the data uploaded and downloaded to be encrypted after passing it through service-specific client applications. Photos taken and uploaded are encrypted the minute they are guided through the processes of storage and transmission. This encryption software allows the users to maintain the encryption keys with themselves.

Nothing is perfect. This mode of encryption is liable to the possibility that their specific applications may be compromised and hacked by intruders who can download the vital information and decrypt it. If the password is forgotten, the uploaded encrypted data is virtually impossible to retrieve.

How to prevent possibilities of intrusions

You can maximize security and maintain the confidentiality of data of the user. It is best to encrypt it using another private but reliable software application and then upload it. To gain access to the uploaded encrypted documents, they should log in, download it and decrypt it to view. Following such protocols are sure to help you keep your vital documents safe. Always do remember to use reliable and secure cloud storages and upload only after encrypting it through validated and authenticated encryption applications.



The possibility of life on Mars

The question of life on Mars has been circling the minds of the NASA researchers and experts for a relatively long time. Till now, there has been no definitive evidence that neither suggests nor supports such a claim.

The United States and other nations have been sending robotic spacecraft since the 1960’s and have transmitted thousands of images and additional valuable information back to our planet. No human expedition has been launched till now to reach planet Mars, although efforts are being made to make this a reality and could happen in a matter of few years.


Mars is the only other planet in the entire solar system that can relate or share similarity to Earth. In 1976, NASA had deployed two robotic spacecraft, Viking 1 and Viking 2 to Mars for many years. They were sent and controlled by NASA back home to check for the existence of life forms on the surface of the planet, specifical presence of bacteria in the soil which unfortunately could not be found.

The robots did, however, transmit various valuable information including pictures and data of various seasonal changes of the rocks and dirt found on the surface. Future expeditions will involve scrapping and digging for water found beyond the first layer of coating to check for definite information about life forms.

Compared to Earth, Mars is relatively smaller but theoretically big enough to support the existence of life forms. Earth’s life forms are water-based. So finding even the slightest trace of water on the Red Planet is a definite proof that there exists life form or can support the existence of life on the planet.

The future and the next few rovers to land on the planet will focus on seeking traces of water and looking for other once existed life forms that could have roamed the earth. Hints and presence of fossils could exist which could only be confirmed through extensive digging and observation of the surface.

Mars would be quite challenging to live as there are no magnetic fields, making it prone to surface space radiation damage, the presence of less air and even if water existed in the planet, it would not be liquid form but in the state of solid ice.

So future space expeditions would involve sending more advanced robotic rovers with enhanced capabilities and eventually support a human journey to the planet after redressing the needed errors to bring back samples of the planet along with the astronauts to be tested in laboratories located in NASA.

Top Ten Films to watch before you die

After watching certain films, they left you dumbstruck and sunk in a cloud of awe and amazement. A great movie is a collective work of brilliant acting, spectacular direction, and luring storyline accompanied by appropriate surroundings and graphics. Here are some of the best cinemas released in Hollywood and it is a must recommend watching these in your current lifetime.

Schindler’s list

This academy award winning cinema may be one of the best war films made to date. Directed by Steven Spielberg in 1993, this powerful realistic and moving cinema depicts the true encounters of Oskar Schindler who had managed to save Jews from culling by the hands of Nazis during the Second World War.


This impressive Christopher Nolan masterpiece has awed fans and critics alike. Staying true to the fantastic storyline revolving dreams and limbo was the performance acted by veterans Leonardo DiCaprio Tom Hardy and few others.

Fight Club

This is an absolute must watch product of Hollywood. It is tagged as one of the manliest cinemas out there revolving around a cult. Directed by David Fincher and released in 1999 this has one of the best plot twists. The lead roles are played by Brad Pitt and Edward Norton.

Fight Club


Directed by Ford Coppola, it very well may be one of the most critical cinemas out there for cinema makers. This outstanding film displays a frame based on the rival gang wars in America. Impeccable and powerful acting carried out by Al Pacino, Marlon Brandon, and Robert de Niro.

Shawshank Redemption

Based on the novel by Stephen King, this all-time legendary cinema stands among the best films made to date. Starring Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins, this film has a deep and profound meaning stressing the importance of never losing hope no matter what.


Another Christopher Nolan masterpiece, this science fiction film revolves around expeditions to discover life on other planets and black holes. Starring Mathew McConaughey, Matt Damon, and Ann Hathaway, this film is a spectacular testament to the world of cinema.

Dark Knight Trilogy

The trilogy consists of Batman Begins (2005), The Dark Knight (2008) and Dark Knight Rises (2012). All three films are real entertainers and have revived the Batman franchise. Heath Ledger’s acting as Joker deserves special mention in the cinema.

12 Angry Men

This 1957 marvel of a cinema revolves around an intense courtroom battle plot and highlights the emphasis on one’s conviction power. This cinema is used as guidance in cinema making as well as MNCs.

Pursuit of Happyness

This compelling and heart touching cinema delivers a powerful message that will make the audience emotional. It revolves around the true story of Chris Gardener and his son and their adventure on making it in life. Will Smith does a stunning performance.

The Prestige

This compete cinema directed by Nolan rotates around two magicians who try to deceive each other and compete against each other for fame at a cost. This film keeps you fully indulged in the cinema.

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