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Cloud is a new digital age form of data storage. Data is stored online which can be accessed from multiple connected resources. With the growing concern for more and more organizations, agencies and schools uploading their confidential and vital information, the question of data security is being questioned. Any and every kind of data uploaded to Cloud is first encrypted preventing intruders and hackers from gaining access to it. The accesses to such encrypted files vary on the services provided by Cloud.

Who processes the keys?

The user’s data uploaded on commercial cloud storage is mandatorily encrypted which can only be unlocked with a specific encryption key. This key can either be kept with the service provider or with the user. This technology helps process data user and indexing for future references.

Cloud computing

This key can be granted to the service when the user logs in with his specific password. Though this service is a rather convenient method, it is quite unsafe because the keys are not with us and if any intruder gains access to it, we will not know or be aware.

Allowing user’s to be in control

Infamous cloud storage services like SpiderOak and Mega require the data uploaded and downloaded to be encrypted after passing it through service-specific client applications. Photos taken and uploaded are encrypted the minute they are guided through the processes of storage and transmission. This encryption software allows the users to maintain the encryption keys with themselves.

Nothing is perfect. This mode of encryption is liable to the possibility that their specific applications may be compromised and hacked by intruders who can download the vital information and decrypt it. If the password is forgotten, the uploaded encrypted data is virtually impossible to retrieve.

How to prevent possibilities of intrusions

You can maximize security and maintain the confidentiality of data of the user. It is best to encrypt it using another private but reliable software application and then upload it. To gain access to the uploaded encrypted documents, they should log in, download it and decrypt it to view. Following such protocols are sure to help you keep your vital documents safe. Always do remember to use reliable and secure cloud storages and upload only after encrypting it through validated and authenticated encryption applications.




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