Ketogenic diets

This recent trending form of food did not appear yesterday or today in the gym. It has existed for over a hundred years employed by medical professionals in medicine to treat drug-resistant epilepsy occurring in children mainly.

What is a ketogenic diet?

In a regular diet, the body uses the energy released in blood sugars from carbohydrates. But in ketogenic diets, fat is broken down to ketones during the ketosis process. Once ketosis occurs in the body, the energy needed will be utilized from the ketones until carbohydrates are consumed again.

ketogenic diet

The shift of energy consumption from glucose to the breaking down of stored fat will take 2-4 days by consuming minimal amounts of carbohydrates. A standard American diet consists of 50% of carbs. In keto diets, carbohydrates are replaced with more emphasis on meats, proteins, nuts, and fiber-rich vegetables.

Is it healthy?

Sustaining the initial transition would tend to be difficult. Few cases of sleeping problems, nausea, vomiting, and constipation, can arise during the development. Despite these, ketogenic diets are number one as compared to other traditional fat reduction diets as its foundation revolves around the consumption of very minimal amounts of carbohydrates.

Research studies have shown that keto diets have increased levels of blood sugar in type two diabetes patients and the initial increase in cholesterol amounts due to the increased consumption of red meats only to be reduced and cut down after few months through active and continuous,  coordinated regimes of exercise.

Key takeaways from the ketogenic diet

Ketogenic diets do seem to be an attractive alternative form of weight reduction diets. But maybe quite tricky pursue over a period due to its heavy emphasis on red meats, processed fatty and salty foods which are undesirable to a healthy life. It is hard to officially establish its long-term effects as it is scarce individuals continue this diet for a long time after it is commenced. A period of few weeks to a maximum of few months is followed in such diets. Not long enough to pass official judgments on the diet.

It is generally advisable not to follow such hype and trending diets without knowing their long-term effects. Yes, it does lead to rapid results, but at what cost? It’s better to be safe than sorry. Follow traditional unbalanced diets which include a wide array of rich, colorful fruits, vegetables, proteins, nuts, olive oil and ample amount of hydration for long natural, sustainable diets that yield results for a much better vibrant and healthier life.


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